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Entrepreneurial expert firms don’t often fail because their work isn’t good enough—it nearly always is. No, they struggle because of the quality of their business decisions, often in these key areas:

  • Positioning their firm so that it’s not so interchangeable in the marketplace and then concentrating on the right lead gen activities to move from being busy to commanding a price premium.
  • Structuring roles, including their own. What should you avoid or concentrate on? How much of each function is appropriate? What different hats can the same person wear, and how much of each role is necessary in different firms?
  • Performance benchmarking. What should be on the financial dashboard and where do the gauges read red, yellow, and green? How does the firm’s performance compare with other firms in the same space?
  • Management. How should you organize your team, day, projects? What amount of time should you spend on certain types of tasks? How should you manage your time ? How should you organize your office or life? How should the operation be organized to maximum efficiency ? What should you prioritize ?
  • Succession. How would I transition this firm, to an outside buyer or employees? What’s my firm worth?

I don’t help you do better work. I help you create a firm that can do better work in a efficient, sustainable, scalable manner.

Robert’s guidance is frighteningly transformative. At first, you might cling to old habits and resist it; don’t linger there. The sooner you allow yourself to inhabit his advice, the faster you’ll see the many layers of his genius—and the quicker will be your firm’s acceleration to something special.”

Kent Hall, Blue Cross Blue Shield