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Only the serious show up here. We are glad you decided to take that step towards professional consulting.

About me

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The 10K Consultant Author | Speaker | Advisor | Coach | Implimentor

Helping entrepreneurial experts making better business decisions.

You need proven successful coaching and consulting that yields incredible results.

Since your willing to take the first step, then you must be willing to take the next.

You want to get your business on track so you can focus on the more important things that demand your expertise right?

It’s all about strategy! That’s what I do, execution of strategy comes second, and I can help you with that also.

Everyday there are millions of businesses who are trying to survive, while they are plagued with internal problems that effect their bottom line sales and productivity. Leaving these issues unaddressed, allow them to grow larger and will eventually spiral out of control at the cost of your business model. You probably ask yourself how can my competition be charging such a lower price than me and still be in business? Maybe they have met with an expert like myself, or maybe it is another factor, I will explain that later.

One of those companies with so many problems said to me, “Rob, to be honest with you I don’t have time as the CEO to deal with these problems, and I don’t have a person in my organization that can help me resolve them”. I said to him, “Kent, look I can’t promise I can address all of them either, but what I can do, is have a look at your list and tell you what I can address, will that work for you?” The company was Blue Cross Blue Shield, one of the largest health insurance companies in the United States. I also told him I have a network of professional people that can can help you address the other problems as well, I am sure of it, there is a solution to everything. He said to me, let’s get over to my conference room and have a look at the whiteboard. This white board was full of problems. After looking at the first column, and seeing one of the departments operations, I said to him. “Kent, look you have a operation floor, where you are printing the plastic health cards, but there are lines of people waiting, I can address that problem and that will solve 3 of the problems in this first column, when do you want to get started?”

Sometimes it takes someone from the outside, or someone within your circle that you can give a little bit of respect to and learn a lot from.

Maybe your an entrepreneur and are struggling to get a new concept off the ground or profitable.

Every year can bring new challenges to adapt and change the business model. A crisis is usually one of those, but in many crisis’s, new businesses start up and succeed, and businesses that adapt, continue on.

There are many false mindsets that contribute to unsuccessful ventures and frankly many of these companies have so many fires to put out, they don’t have time to address them all or are held back by their own thick head.

Times have changed, the world has evolved into selling short services that people used to pay a professional for, and what do they get ? Unprofessional low quality service with crappy results. This is one of the false mindsets, “why pay for quality professional service when I can get it cheap or have my cousin or student do it for me?” I can tell you thousands of encounters who have said this, and where did it get them? No where, or virtually nothing.

Even today, there are millions of new businesses popping up without ever making a business and marketing plan, it is no wonder, they never succeed or barely survive. Many of them are started by people with no experience or training.

A successful business isn’t started or operated that way.

We have to address that there is always some fears, and fear is good, but many times it limits growth. “we can’t grow too fast, we won’t be able to handle it” or “we can’t change this now, it might not work”. Successful business adapts and changes constantly.

Do you have a new business in mind? Have you asked yourself, how much money you intend to make per month/year? Are your advertising and marketing budgets and goals in line with your intentions ?

Or do you have an existing business, but it is not going as planned, so it has become part of the daily grind, just to keep it operational. Heck, half of these businesses that have been in operation for more than 5 years don’t even come up in a google search, but their competitors do. Why is that? Because their competitors hired the right person.

One of those companies had been in operation for 20 years and even if you googled it by name it still didn’t come up on the google search on the first 5 pages. Why? Because they hired their cousin on the cheap. Within 1 month, after the consultation, they started coming up on the first search page results near the top and their business grew rapidly.

Sure do it the hard way, try and learn to figure it out yourself, when you could be enjoying the successes you dreamed of from the beginning.

Think about it, are you going to start investing in the stock market without any knowledge or training? But there are many that do, and lose it all. Many say, I can just put up a business and people will come, without doing any market research or advertising.

One of these businesses, didn’t want any advice, but had invested in 350,000 euros in equipment, that was stored in a warehouse, hoping it would get off the ground, but making one post a week on Facebook. That business didn’t last long. I told the man he was crazy, let me have the business and give me 35,000 for advertising and marketing and watch this succeed, you don’t have to pay me anything, just 50% of the profits, sound fair? He said no way 50% is too much. See, so many people are thick headed. He could of had a 50K monthly business within the first year.

I tell you another story because you need it’s a great success story. That day came when a friend of mine asked if I could watch two of his kiosk’s in the middle of one the the most elite cliental malls in the world. I told him, ok, look I will help you out, for a few hours, I have some mobile work to do and I want to create a plan for some other businesses in this mall as well. He told me if a guy shows up, he is the guy I purchased the businesses from, but sometimes he acts like he owns them still, but don’t really talk to him. I said ok sure.

Well I being the consultant I am, had a look at his business more closely and wondered how he was going to survive. But I knew my friend would never pay me a consulting fee. One of the sales persons for a nearby store came over to talk with me. I asked some questions and found out a lot more.

The guy he told me that would come by did, and he said to me. Where is (my friend) and what is going on with my business. I asked him, is it really your businesses ? He said, … right it is my businesses, why would you say that? I told him what my friend had said and he said no, he only paid me 10% of the business and was supposed to be making payments but sales the last 3 months are down can you tell me why ? I told him I was only their to help him out for a few hours because he had an appointment, but I told him a few things that I observed as to why his stores are not making business and he knew I was business smart.

Then the owner invited me to dinner and told me my friend would also be invited, because he had to discuss business. I told asked him how much is your business worth? He didn’t know how to answer, so he said he used to make about 10,000 dollars a month on each kiosk his rent was 3000 a month . I said ok that tells me enough, if you want me there, this is my consulting fee and my business card. He thought I was joking, but I was serious. I told him this is what I do, and I don’t really know him, and if he wanted me to care about his business and offer advice, at the dinner, then it would cost him. He asked me can you guarantee that I will be making what I used to make, I told him no, I can guarantee that he will be making a minimum of three times that amount.

He made the right choice and within in 30 days he was making 30K per kiosk and that started to grow weekly, with a few modifications and by the end of the year he was making five times what he used to make.

You might ask how much did he pay me ? I told him this, you just told me you used to make 10,000 a month on each kiosk, and now you are only making barely 2,000 a month in sales. My initial consultation was 10k for the day, plus 2500 per month for the first 6 months, then as needed. He was losing more than 16,000 a month for 3 months, so to pay me 10k for the first consultation and 2500 a month was nothing compared to what he profited.

You might say, well I am not losing that much, but I would say, I estimate you are losing 1,000-3,000 a day in profits already. Paying a consultant 10K to fix things is only a fraction of what your losing.

I hope that makes you ask yourself how much are you losing everyday. If you already have a figure in your head, your better than most. But do you really know the real figure of how much you are losing? Did you consider part of the losing, is how much you are not making yet ?

I think you are ready for the next step.

So it’s time to tell you about myself.

I consult with small, medium, large businesses and fortune 500 companies. I started out making only about 250 per hour for a consultation. I was working as a consultant for 350K-500K per year back then. I look at business portfolios, practices, expenses, overheads and come up with solutions to reduce the expense, overheads, problems so that can start making profits.

Today I charge 10K for a day, at least 8 hours, sometimes more and that does not included travel, meals and other expenses that will get your business successful.

You say to me, well I am a small business I can’t afford that, I understand, so if I have time in my schedule, I have a rate for those who qualify, if I have time.

I am here to tell you that this consultation will change your life forever, if you follow through with the recommendation and execution, which I will help you with.

Here is a typical day, I will take a look at your financials, how much you are spending, where you are spending it, your overheads, your business plan, and advertising and marketing plan. After a few hours, I will ask to be left alone for a few hours, then we will come back together and we repeat the process until the end of the time comes with my recommendations. The execution is how we will solve the problems and implement the recommendations.

Every business can reduce overheads, and expenses and increase in advertising and marketing. Believe me your competition that is smart, is already doing it. Taking a look at your competition is one of the big steps, along with your audience and your price points.

Maybe it takes some expertise outside your knowledge or ours, we will talk about that and provide you with resources so your business can succeed.

If you are losing 1,000 a day (probably 3,000) you can afford 10k for one day to fix it right ? Yes you can, it’s only a fraction, and it will be the end of your losses. Translation services and other fees cost separate.

Now that was not to hard, when do you want to get started?

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I consult with small, medium, large businesses and fortune 500 companies.


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